• Rarible recently launched a self-serve tool to create customized marketplaces built on Polygon-based NFT collections.
• The new tool allows users to mint NFTs on Polygon and create personalized storefronts without any coding knowledge or additional fees.
• The first partner for the Polygon community marketplace builder is Polygon Punks.

Rarible, a popular NFT marketplace and protocol, launched its NFT marketplace builder for Polygon-based NFT collections on January 18th. The self-serve tool enables users to build their own customized marketplaces for free to connect with their communities. It provides users with multiple features such as minting NFTs on Polygon and creating personalized storefronts, as well as an aggregation tool that allows customers to view different NFT collections from various marketplaces in one place.

Alexei Falin, Co-founder and CEO of Rarible, said “Community marketplaces will become a gateway for new users to enter NFTs. They change the NFT buying and selling experience by making it much simpler which in turn makes it easier for new users to come onboard.” The company has already seen success with its similar service on Ethereum, which has been used by projects such as Smircs, Rally, and Not Your Bro.

The first partner for the Polygon community marketplace builder is Polygon Punks. Falin said that “We see community marketplaces as the future of NFT buying and selling and we believe every project should have its own marketplace. The self-serve tool is vital for making this happen. We’ve seen the Polygon NFT market gain tremendous traction. When discussing which chain would be next for our marketplace builder tool, Polygon was the clear choice. We’ve seen Polygon become the preferred blockchain for many mainstream brands, popular Web3 projects, and games. Polygon has continued to grow even through turbulent times and has demonstrated that it has the ability to onboard the masses.”

The Rarible NFT marketplace builder provides users with a no-fuss way to create their own marketplaces. With no coding knowledge necessary and zero additional fees, users can customize their marketplaces to fit their exact needs. This tool will no doubt prove to be invaluable for anyone looking to join the NFT market.

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